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pastor & First Lady

Tim and Janelle have served as the Pastor & First Lady of Highest Praise Apostolic Church since 2014. Before becoming the Pastors of HPAC they served as Co-Pastors for several years, assisting the founding Pastor, and Tim's father, Bishop Lupe Arroyo. They are both children of apostolic pastors and have many years of experience in serving in ministry. Janelle's family spent several years in the foreign missions field, serving as missionaries, and establishing churches all throughout South America. They both have heart for the church and have dedicated their lives to the work of God.




Discipleship directors

Lupe Arroyo, and his late wife, Arlene Arroyo, are the founding pastors of Highest Praise Apostolic Church. God brought Lupe and Rachel together, in His perfect timing, after both lost their spouses to terminal illnesses. They both serve in the role of Bishop over the local church. Together they have a combined 30 years of experience in ministry and happily serve and support the local church body.

They also serve as the Discipleship Directors. Any new members that come to HPAC will interact directly with them.

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