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join the dream team!

Thanks for you desire to serve and join the Dream Team! Below are the positions that we have available for you to serve in. Review the ministry positions available below and then complete the application form at the bottom of the page. Before you apply to join a ministry team you must have completed the First Steps course. 

Coffee Hearts


Agape Cafe.png

Server - The Server position helps prepare and serve meals during PM café times (after church).

Cashier - The Cashier position runs the cashier exchange during PM café times (after church).

Hospitality Server - This team sets up and serves the free coffee and water stations made available for guests and members before church.

Agape Cafe


Altar Working Team.png

Prayer Partner- The Prayer Partner focuses on praying with guests and church members during altar calls at each service. They also pray and intercede for guests 30 minutes before service.

Altar Workers


FINAL 2020 LOGO B&W.png

Frontline - The Frontline is an auditioned vocalist position. In order to be approved for this you must be willing to have a vocal audition and sing well, as well as agree to and sign a ministry commitment form.

Band - The Band is comprised of qualified musicians who are capable to play an instrument. Some of our common band positions include: piano, drums, bass, and guitar. 

*There are two ways you can join HPAC Worship - if you already play or sing you can audition to be part of the ministry. If you do not play or sing, but want to learn, you can take private lessons and audition at a time when you feel you're ready.

HPAC Worship


Kingdom Kidz logo 2020_1.png

Teacher Assistant - The Teacher Assistant serves on a 3-4 person team and assists in facilitating and teaching the weekly Kingdom Kidz class. This class is for ages 4 - 9 years old. 

Kingdom Kidz
Baby Toes


Little Lambs.png

Childcare Attendant - The Childcare Attendant serves on a 2-3 person team to care for our infants to toddler-aged children during services. The nursery is also open as a cry-room for mothers of infant children. This class is for ages 0 - 3 years old.

Little Lambs


Ministry of Defense.png

Security - *You must be 18 years old to be approved for this ministry. With professional training provided, the security team works to maintain physical order during times of gathering and to prevent any potential threats from manifesting.

A Security Guard wears an ear headset du


Production Team.PNG

Computer Operator - The Computer Operator works with the entire production team to run the computer system that controls the media display on the screens. Training is provided for new operators.

Streaming Operator - The Streaming Operator assists with setting up, monitoring and operating the switcher during the service for the online streaming platform. Training is provided for new operators.

Camera Operator - The Camera Operator assists with the weekly streaming production by operating one, or more, of the cameras used during the service. Training is provided for new operators.

Audio Technician - The Audio Technician works in teams of two, or more, to set up and operate the audio equipment for each service. 

Production Team


The Welcome Team.png

Parking Lot Attendant - The Parking Lot Attendant serves on a team of 2 to reserve guest parking before services and helps park guests, as well as direct incoming and outgoing traffic.

Greeter - The Greeter serves as the frontline of our Welcome Team by standing near the entrance of the church and warmly welcoming guests into the church.

Usher - The Usher serves in the sanctuary to welcome guests and also collects the monies received during times of giving.

Guest Services Representative - The GSR makes themself available to guests to serve their needs. They make introductions, offer resources, and are a friendly face that any guest can turn to for help.

Welome Team
Fill Out the Application Below

*You may only apply to a maximum of 4 positions.

Select Position

Thank you for your desire to serve on the Dream Team. If you are approved to serve, your new Director will contact you!

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